Monday, March 31, 2008

Unexpected Indeed

Dear That Third Girl In Destiny's Child,

I kid! I know your name, and maybe all of mainstream America will know it someday. After releasing a couple of gospel albums that were well received in their respective genre, you and your P.I.M.P. stated that your upcoming album would be R&B oriented. Late last year, a clip of a song that was slated to be apart of the new album surfaced. "Stop This Car" sounded just as amazing as it did intriguing.

Today, you revealed the song that is set to become the first release from Unexpected due in August...

Listen: Michelle Williams- "We Break the Dawn"

© Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records

Unexpected is a fu*king understatement! I truly never saw this coming. Riding the current popular wave of Euro-inspired synthesized danceable pop was a clever choice, and I'm shocked that you could actually make it work! "We Break the Dawn" is an excellent track with it's relatable lyrics, rock-solid vocals, and catchy production. Although you have always played third wheel to P.I.M.P. and Kelly Rowland, people that have followed your previous solo efforts know the vocal talent you possess. Hopefully Unexpected will display this talent to those who are still not in the know.

Impressed and Fingers Crossed That You Will At Least Sell More Albums Than Kelly Rowland,



Junlee said...

I heard this song today and I was floored! She usually sounds like a little child when she sings, so the jaw was dropped when I listened to this song.

It's all kinds of hot!

Glad you posted on it!

Q said...

My jaw was dropped too man. Good on her for doing that. Hopefully she will get a fair shot, promotion wise, when her album is released.

Random J said...

"Hopefully she will get a fair shot, promotion wise, when her album is released"

You know we talking about Michelle right? Chick isn't even allowed to use her real name, let alone get good promotion. She was in Destiny's child. Her name ain't Beyonce. Her manager is Beyonce's father. She fell on BET. She's already doomed.

Seriously though, I hope she does well though and that she hustles. She's already off to a better start than Kelly. "Break the dawn" is bangin' and Michelle be WORKIN' her new look. I bought her first 2 solo albums, so I'll be copping her 3rd for sure.

Chris said...

LOL. You're so funny dread

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