Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Watch MTV, I Don't Need to Google You Chick...

Dear Miss Swagger,

I've seen you all up on MTV with your Super Sweet 16 episode, and knew that you had the potential to be successful as an artist. You have a refreshing style, seemingly eclectic personality, plus, everyone knows that given the right environment, a cocky hood-rat can go pretty far in the music biz. Although it took a few listens, I'm truly feeling "Google Me" nowadays.

I finally watched the music video for "Google Me" all the way through today...

Teyana Taylor- "Google Me"

Even though the video's vibe is definitely hood rich, (borderline ghetto fabulous) I enjoyed it. I see the sense of creativity, and your swagger is out of this world. For all the publicity your dancing has gotten you though, you know you could've had stronger choreography. Overall though, I dig it.

Wishing for the Next Lauryn Hill But Don't Think I've Found It In You,



Random J said...

The video looks cheap and like the special effects were done with Adobe Flash. I'm guessing the majority of the budget went towards having a crane lift that 10 tonnes of weave onto her head.

I am not feeling anything about this chick. I can't see her going the distance. She's signed to StarTrak for starters. No artist signed to that label goes anywhere. P does his artists how Diddy does his. He actually does them worse. Clipse and Kelis got shafted and they were the lucky ones who at least got to put out an album.

Q said...

"I'm guessing the majority of the budget went towards having a crane lift that 10 tonnes of weave onto her head."

LMAO! You do have a point.

You brought up an interesting fact. I had forgotten how dirty Pharrell did those artists you mention. Especially in the case of Clipse!

Teyana may not go the distance as you said, but I'm kind of rooting for her. The girl has a refreshing swagger.

Random J said...

"The girl has a refreshing swagger"

Yeah, so did Clipse and Kelis. And where are those n***as careers now?

Junlee said...

I actually like this song! She does have swagger, but she needs to do SOMETHING about that mane on the top of her head! She looked straight up ridiculous wearing that little ass ice cream hat on that hair!