Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Dear Miss Ventura,

Although an estimated 319,000 U.S. consumers purchased your self-titled debut album, I didn't fall victim. "Me & U" was insanely addictive; an undeniable hit. Even though the follow up single, "Long Way 2 Go" bombed on the U.S. charts, I personally thought it was a hot song. I honestly didn't bother to listen to all the songs on your debut, especially after viewing some of your live tragedies; although I've listened to "Ditto" and liked it also.

Your latest release, "Is It You" from the Step Up 2 Soundtrack is another winner in my opinion, and proves that you may have the legs to outrun the one hit wonder league. Today, I came across a song that has been stated to be a potential first single from your upcoming second album...

Listen: Cassie- "Thirsty"

© NextSelection/Bad Boy Records

From first listen, I liked it. "Thirsty" is certainly catchy/appealing with its production, and its staccato vocal delivery throughout the majority of the song. While I'm tempted to say that "Thirsty," while solid, may lack the punch to make it the ideal first single; I remember that you are the artist behind "Me & U." The reality is that you will likely NEVER trump that song, so releasing "Thirsty" as the first single is somewhat irrelevant when you really think about it.

Hoping That If You Haven't Improved Your Live Vocals That You'll At Least Have the Decency to Hire a Stunt Voice This Go Around,



Random J said...

I bet the bitch is thirsty. Her mouth must be dry from all that d**k sucking to get dudes to come with beats for her new album.

That said, I like the song. It's hot. I can definitely see this dropping hot in the clubs.

Q said...


See, I decided to refrain from any sexual innuendos of the title of the song; even though I wanted to go there. I'm glad that you went there J. lol

"Thirsty" is growing even more on me. I've been playing the hell out of it today.

Random J said...

From the second I heard it, I was all over it. It's a banger. I can't wait to hit a club or a bar and hear it. I'll be 2 steppin' up and down the place and throwing drinks in bitches faces like "Gurl, you thirsty!?" *splash!*

I'm really looking forward to her new album. She has limited vocal ability (to say the least), but she always gets hot beats with catchy hooks. It'll be good to hear how she sounds on a wider range of producers beats other than just Ryan Leslie's. I really wanna hear what Danja and Rodney Jerkins give her. Danja's tracks will have Jim Beanz on vocal production duties and that dude has nothing to prove after how he came on Danity Kane's Welcome to the dollhouse. And Rodney Jerkins has a knack for making chicks with crap vocals (Spice girls, Jennifer Lopez) and making them sound decent.

Q said...

"I'll be 2 steppin' up and down the place and throwing drinks in bitches faces like "Gurl, you thirsty!?" *splash!*"

LOL! You are a trip J! You may actually get away with that ish in the UK. ;-)

I'm looking forward to Cassie's new album also. During promo for her last album, the bitch couldn't sound decent live even if her life depended on it. The thing she possess though is a pleasing/catchy tone to her voice.