Monday, March 24, 2008


Dear Donnie Klang,

I will admit that I wasn't really a fan of yours during Making the Band 4, Season 1. I was actually dumbfounded when you were granted a solo record deal from Mr. Bitchassness himself. I felt like if any solo deals were going to be given out, that there were far more deserving contestants.

Fast forward to Season 2 of Making the Band 4, I actually began to like and respect you as an artist. You exhibited a strong work ethic, and there was a noticeable improvement in your vocals. The deal breaker truly was when I heard your studio sessions of three seemingly hot songs; "I Don't Care," "Dr. Love," and "Rolling Stone."

Yesterday, the first single from your upcoming album was released...

Listen: Donnie Klang ft. Diddy- "Take You there"

© Bad Boy/Atlantic Records

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. My first impression of "Take You There;" a bootleg "Sexy Back." I decide to give it a few more spins to get a true assessment. While the production captivated me a bit more, the overall impression of the song didn't waiver. While I can envision where the song was trying to go, it just doesn't work completely for me. I can't ignore the fact that it's blatantly Timberlake-ish and quite frankly, you can't execute it like he does. While your track was indeed "Bitchassmatized," I reckon it could've been worse. (Because he has been worse)

I can see the potential in you as an artist, but this first single is not showing it. "Take You There" certainly isn't showing any originality that you may posses.

Suggesting You Move IMMEDIATELY to Single Number Two,



Gabriel said...

a confession?

Q said...

Hey Gabriel. Not sure what you meant by your comment?

Junlee said...

The chorus is hot and catchy, but the verses are garbage! He's trying to sound like Prince and JT, and he just ends up sounding constipated.

And of course, Diddy's verse is CRAP! God he needs to go somewhere!

The only redeeming things about the song are the chorus and the little breakdown towards the end.

But this guy aint going anywhere that's for sure, especially working with P. Diddy.

Q said...

LOL! He does sound constipated during the verses. Why didn't I come up with that when I was writing the post? :-p

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